Desktop Streamer
Desktop Streamer(Office Server) include Windows and Mac Versions.
      Desktop Streamer(Office Server) run on your Windows PC/Apple MAC to support your iPhone/iPad to do remote control,such as Multi-touch Control Remote Desktop,Powerful integrated remote File Manager,Remote video monitoring,Wireless Touch Mouse,and special designed Silent Recorder.

Features :

бя Connect бя
- Show the computer info,connected iPhone/iPad info and connected status,server status and etc.

бя Settings бя
- Set Startup Login and the Port Number.
- Set security code to protect your computer security.
- Support P2P connect computer between two network when you login a Gmail account.So that you can control your computer in Home anywhere or control your office computer at home.

бя File Manager бя
- Set the folders to allow mobile devices to access.

бя Video and Audio бя
- Set the camera and audio input devices,support select your prefer input devices.

бя More бя
- More Apps: Brief introduction of other Apps.

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